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Dave endorses Vater Drumsticks, and currently plays the VH5B model: American hickory 16" length 0.605" grip, which is slightly oversized in comparison to a classic 5B drumstick having a grip of 0.595"

"Thank you to Vater, and Westside Distribution for allowing me to become part of the family you have. I'll be continuing to hit hard!"


New track, Nothing I Can Say, written by Warren Huart, and Buck Johnson, is available to listen to, along with drum session recorded by Dave, by clicking the link 

The stems were provided online, with Dave playing drums, and producing the track at The Rockin' Horse Recording Studio.


Tess Of The Circle

Seymour Duncan Band

Magic Queen

Jade Mayjean

The Black Hearts

The Brink

Mark Brennan

Rolan Bolan

Jon Moon

Dito Godwin

Aidan Connell

The Drifters


Ultra 90s


Barb Jungr

Dennis Seaton

Musical Youth

Ben Mills

Ray Quinn

Dave Hill

Melisa Totten

Same Difference

Martin Tomkins

Baby D


Listen to a remix of I Cry by Jade Mayjean, which Dave programmed, produced, and mixed at The Rockin' Horse Recording Studio. Stems for the track were provided online by Ginger Dog Records.

To listen click the link 


New performance video of the song Blame It On The Whiskey, by Robert Jon & The Wreck, featuring Dave Forster on drums. Stems for this track were provided online. Dave has recorded drums at The Rockin' Horse Recording Studio, were the song was also mixed and produced by Dave.

To see the video click the link 


"Dave showed up, played hard, and drove every song home."

- Chris Wade

"I don't know what you did but you made those cymbals sing."

- Jon Moon

"You can play as hard as Hell or really quiet, you always command the music. I'm impressed."

- Dito Godwin

"I've never had a drummer turn up and record that many tracks in such a short time frame."

- Chris Hayman

As there is more demand for songs to be recorded and produced with smaller budgets, it has become a struggle to get good sounding tracks made. There are lots of costs for musicians, studio time, and production.


"I have been on several recording sessions as a session musician, and the song writer has said that they didn't realise how hard it was to record a song, and how much money was involved."

Dave offers online/remote recording sessions to help cut costs, using facilities at his studio, The Rockin' Horse Recording Studio. There are two services Dave offers with the online/remote sessions:

1) Online/remote session drummer- Dave will record drum tracks for your songs whether it's a single track or an album.

How it works: Send a guide track or mix of song as it stands by email, and Dave will put drums to it. Once recorded WAV files of each track will be sent back as a raw sound file. Drum tracks can also be produced and sent back as individual files.

2) Have your song produced and mixed- Dave will produce and mix your songs. Send bounced WAV files by email. Dave can structure the song, add other instruments, do programming, produce, mix, and master the song. Again this can be a single to an album.


The studio is located in Northamptonshire, England, UK This is where Dave does his online/remote recording sessions, and records his drum videos.

The studio is available for recording sessions with Dave offering his services as a producer, engineer, and programmer. Whether you are looking to record a single, a album, or even score a soundtrack to a film, Dave can offer his expertise to develop your project.

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