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Dave is hosting masterclasses in Northampton at

BW Drum Academy on Wednesday 29th May at 6pm,

and in Milton Keynes on

Friday 31st May 2024 at 6pm at Mr. Gig Studios

Further details can be found on the MASTERCLASS page.

PREMIER DRUM CO education ambassador ENDORSEMENT



"I now hold an ambassador role with, and endorse Premier Drum Co.


After several emails and telephone conversations with Colin Tennant, I knew I had to get on board with the company because of the direction it’s moving in. Premier Drums were a big name when I started playing drums, and most of the time my Dad took me to Leicester, we’d drive past what I called the Premier Building, just so I could see the drum kit displayed at the top of the building.


There is a huge history with Premier Drums in the music industry, and like other companies there is good and bad. 2022 marks the 100th year of Premier Drums, and the company is making strides again with the gear available.


I made the decision to select a Genista kit, which previously was known to be made or birch. The Genista range is now available in birch, and maple. Maple has a broad tuning range and can achieve huge low end. Because of this I asked for a maple kit in the following sizes:

24x14 bass drum, 13x9 tom, 16x16 floor tom. The shells are undersized by 3mm to give better head placement and vibration from the head. The difference in sound produced is immense, and the low end produced from the drums is incredible. The shallow bass drum produces a very punchy sound, with a lot of lows, and the clarity of the notes can be heard, even when playing fast phrases. The toms have a very open sound at different tunings, but when tuned low, you can feel it resonate into the floor. For my snare I selected a 14x5.5 maple Beatmaker snare. This has a great tuning range, from swampy lows to a mighty crack when tuned high. I finally selected an 8x8 concert tom as a tip of the hat to Phil Colins, and Taylor Hawkins, who have a massive impact on how I play.


The hardest decision I had to make, was what finish I wanted the kit in. After much thought and eventually asking my daughter and partner to help decide between two finishes, I went with the Purple Sparkle for the shells. Once I received the drums and set them up, I knew this was the right decision. The attention to detail is brilliant. Also included with the shells is a spares pack, including extra tension rods, multiple drum keys, extra lugs, and memory locks. I was told by Colin who well looked after I’d be, and he told the truth and delivered.


I’d like to personally thank Colin, and all involved at Premier for taking me on board. I’m excited to be working with you, and moving the company forward."

performance video
nothing at all
foo fighters



Charlie Tarry

Stevie Jones & The Wild Fires

Tess Of The Circle

Seymour Duncan Band

Magic Queen

Jade Mayjean

The Black Hearts

The Brink

Mark Brennan

Rolan Bolan

Jon Moon

Dito Godwin

Aidan Connell

The Drifters


Ultra 90s


Barb Jungr

Dennis Seaton

Musical Youth

Ben Mills

Ray Quinn

Dave Hill

Melisa Totten

Same Difference

Martin Tomkins

Baby D

"Dave showed up, played hard, and drove every song home."

- Chris Wade

"I don't know what you did but you made those cymbals sing."

- Jon Moon

"You can play as hard as Hell or really quiet, you always command the music. I'm impressed."

- Dito Godwin

"I've never had a drummer turn up and record that many tracks in such a short time frame."

- Chris Hayman



london drumstick co endorsement

LDC promo.jpg

Dave has joined the London Drumstick Company as an endorser. 

"I was looking for a British drumstick manufacturer after issues with obtaining sticks from a previous company I endorsed, due to Brexit issues with deliveries. After many recommendations, I made contact with Will, and was impressed with the way the company was sold. Yes it's a company that sells drumsticks, but it goes out of the way with client contact.


I gave Will specifications for a drumstick I wanted made. We went through different design ideas, until I was happy with the stick that was created. Instead of putting my signature on the stick, I used a logo that my daughter created for me when she was 9 years old. 


Thanks Will, and everyone associated to the London Drumstick Company for all the effort put in to making these sticks. Check out their website "

The stick is made of hickory, being 16.25" in length, with a 0.605" diameter. For the length of the stick, it has a slightly short taper for more weight up top. It has an acorn tip for all round great rebound.


The new digital book exploring concepts of expanding rhythmic phrases. This book shows how a rhythmic phrase can be developed into a number of ideas.

To purchase the book, follow the link to the STORE


As there is more demand for songs to be recorded and produced with smaller budgets, it has become a struggle to get good sounding tracks made. There are lots of costs for musicians, studio time, and production.


"I have been on several recording sessions as a session musician, and the song writer has said that they didn't realise how hard it was to record a song, and how much money was involved."

Dave offers online/remote recording sessions to help cut costs, using facilities at his studio, The Rockin' Horse Recording Studio. There are two services Dave offers with the online/remote sessions:

1) Online/remote session drummer- Dave will record drum tracks for your songs whether it's a single track or an album.

How it works: Send a guide track or mix of song as it stands by email, and Dave will put drums to it. Once recorded WAV files of each track will be sent back as a raw sound file. Drum tracks can also be produced and sent back as individual files.

2) Have your song produced and mixed- Dave will produce and mix your songs. Send bounced WAV files by email. Dave can structure the song, add other instruments, do programming, produce, mix, and master the song. Again this can be a single to an album.


Live playthrough of Never Again, written by Dave Forster, Alex Bittles, Gary Connor, and Matt Strafford


Lockdown recorded performance of the Led Zeppelin track

Good Times Bad Times. Featuring Steve Hemming-vocals, and guitars, David Hambridge-bass, Seán McAusland-keys, Dave Forster-drums.

This performance feature the Pearl Midtown kit, along with a selection of Sabian cymbals including 14" AA Fusion Hats, 14" AAX-Plosion Hats, 18" AAX Studio Crash, and 21" AA Bash Ride.


Lockdown recorded performance of the Led Zeppelin track

Good Times Bad Times. Featuring Steve Hemming-vocals, and guitars, David Hambridge-bass, Dave Forster-drums.

This track was recorded from the comfort of their homes with this online collaboration.














In this video Dave plays the Pearl Midtown kit consisting of a 16"x14" bass drum, 10"x7" rack tom, 13"x12" floor tom, and a 13"x5.5" snare. For cymbals Sabian 14" AA Fusion Hats, 18" AAX Studio Crash, and 21" AA Bash Ride were used. The cowbell played is an LP Rock Cowbell.

Playing drums since '96

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